Shipping worldwide! 💌


🌸 When can I expect my order to be shipped?

If your order does not contain a preorder item, it can take around 1-3 months to be shipped.

You will receive an email or sms (depending on the method you choose to place the order) when your order is ready to ship. That means your order will be shipped and you'll receive the tracking info (if you choose the tracking option) in the next few days.

If you want to know the status of your order, please, use the contact form and we will answer you as soon as possible.


🌸 How long does shipping take?

It is difficult to say when an order will arrive because, with covid-19, the arrival times are somewhat longer than usual, plus each country takes a different amount of time. The usual time is 1-3 weeks, but it could be more due to these reasons. Thank you very much for your patience!

If you are worried about the shipping, we recommend you to choose the tracking option while placing the order.


🌸 How do preorders work?

Some of the items are tagged as “preorder”. This means that they are new products that have not been produced before or limited products with a definite deadline and an estimated shipping date.

In both cases, the items still have to be produced, so this type of order usually takes longer than a stock order. Please keep this in mind!

If you have placed an order that contains one or more preoder items, the full order will be shipped when we have all the products ready.


🌸 Shipping prices/options? Does shipping include tracking?

During the checkout process you will be shown a number of shipping options. Please, choose the shipping option that best suits your needs. Note that shipping options that do not specify “tracking” will NOT include tracking. If you choose the cheaper shipping option, it will NOT include tracking. If you want to track your order, please, choose the shipping option with the word “tracking” in it.

Tracking links are sent as soon as our postal service gives them to us. This could be a few days after you receive the email/sms confirming the shipping. So please, be patient.


🌸 Can I combine two orders? 

Please, in case you want to add more items to your order, write us through the contact form with your order number and the items you want to add. We will answer you wether it's possible to do it or not.

Adding more items to an order could result in the extension of the shipping time.

We are not able to combine two different placed orders. However, and only if it's possible, we can cancel one of the orders and edit the second one to add the products of the cancelled order. In case of doubt, ask us though the contact form.


🌸 Do you make customized products?

Yes! You can check the prices in the commissions section.

Please, if you place an order for a commission, make sure you explain all the details in the notes. If you want to add visual references, you can send them to


🌸 Do you accept returns and exchanges?

We do not do returns or exchanges. If you have an issue with your order or your item arrives damaged, please contact us through our contact form so we can find a solution.

We are not responsible for lost orders once they are shipped. If your order is sent back to us due to transportation, customs or delivery problems, we can send it again, but we will need you to pay the shipping fee again. If that is the case, please, contact us.

Please make sure that the address you entered is complete and 100% correct so the items will not get lost. Also write it in alphabet letters only (for other languages like Japanese, Chinese, etc).

Colors may appear different on screen compared to the physical product so please keep that in mind when ordering!


🌸 COVID 19

Due to COVID 19, shipping times may be delayed as well as preorder items may take a bit longer to be manufactured. Estimated shipping times are not exact so please give your order extra time to arrive! I really appreciate your patience during this time.